Experience a sleigh ride through the snowy forest on an old fashioned sleigh.

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The sleigh safari takes appr. 2 hours. Stopping by the bonfire on the way and have a little snack.

Time: appr. 2 hours
Group: min. 4 persons
Price: 35 eur / person
Equipment: Warm winter clothing must be worn
Includes: Guide and snack

Riding and skiing

Playful and fun competition for everyone!

In this cool game there is a horse, a rider and a skier.  The Skier holds a rope attached to horse and that way decides the pace. The track can be easy or tougher, depending on the group. The track usually consists of slalom, jumps or curves.

While you wait your turn you can warp up by a bonfire and a cup of traditionally brewed coffee.

Diplomas after the race.


Time: appr. 2 – 3 hours
Group: min 5 persons
Price:: 45 eur/person
Equipment: Warm winter clothing must be worn
Incl: Guide, sanck, practice, game and equipment for the game