Enjoy the wonders of snowy forest! Make your own track in the snow like the people did a long time before our time.

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Snowshoe hiking goes 2-3 kms, that takes about 2-3 hours. Group moves as fast as the slowest person. The hike will be performed by an agreement made beforehand.

Hikers must have a backpack, drinking water and a warm coat. Combat boots, hiking shoes or regular rubber or leather boots are the best shoes to fit in the snow shoes.

A little warm-up and stretching will be held before and after the hike. Snowshoe hiking in excellent exercise with low injury risk.

From November to April
Time: appr. 2 hours
Group: 4-15 persons
Price: 30€/person
includes Services of a guide, snow shoes
Outdoor snacks bookable 7€ / persons